Our Partners

Our company structure consists of production, processing and distribution operations.  Our fish farming partners operations and our fish processing partners companies are located in different parts all over the world. We currently have associations with farming facilities and processing plants in South America, North America, Asia and Europe. Frama Seafood continues to strive towards finding new locations with ideal ecological conditions in order to increase our production and provide our customers with a broader selection of seafood species. One very important requirement is that all seafood species must be fully traceable. In addition, our seafood must be derived from facilities that concentrate on generating top quality products through environmentally responsible processes. All Frama Seafood facilities are self-managed units with a focus on animal husbandry, costs, quality, fish health, traceability, the environment and, of course, the benefit of our customers.

Our sales division is located in Miami, Florida where we conveniently have daily shipments arriving from different parts of the world several times a day. Our offices in Miami operate seven days a week and 24 hours a day. All of our products are inspected by a third party quality inspector and the reports generated by the quality inspector are provided to our customers within a few minutes of the product arriving into US territory.

Frama Seafood is committed to be one of the world’s most efficient producers, distributors, and marketers of seafood products. From our processing plants, our products are always maintained at ultimate temperature conditions without breaking the cooling chain. We monitor all of our shipments using the latest technology in digital perishable foods logistics thermometers. All of our shipments leave our plants with these temperature thermometers and we are able to detect minimal temperature changes at any given point during transportation; thus insuring that quality is never compromised.

Frama Seafood is clearly a company that possesses all of the expertise needed to be the number one seafood supplier in North America. Our complete competence and our commitment to producing quality seafood from our ecologically sustainable fisheries 365 days a year is an important foundation on which we stand. We love to build long lasting partnerships with our customers and by guiding ourselves through our values, we will gain and nourish the respect and trust of all of our customers.