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We are premier importer of premium Seafood from all over the world. Our network stretches through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Norway.  We specialize in Atlantic Salmon, Tilapia, Swai, Steelhead Trout, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Chilean Mussels, YellowfinTuna from Indonesia, Chilean Seabass, Swordfish from Chile, MahiMahi from Peru/Ecuador and Naturally smoked Salmon from Chile.  With a vast Aquaculture and Pelagics network around the globe we are able to provide a full range of premium seafood products from some of the worlds most highly certified plants.  All of our seafood is sourced from responsible and highly certified operations of which all have different certifications from Global GAP, BRC, BAP, HACCP, FDA, CFIA and EU01.



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