Yellowfin Tuna


Thunnus albacares

Thunnus albacares or Yellowfin Tuna is one of our special seafood items that we focus heavily on the grading and process.  It is only day trip hand lined caught from the cold waters off of Indonesia and our premium loins and steaks are only processed from #1 or Grade A raw materials.  Product is never frozen and arrives fresh into our partner processing plants and processed with great care to provide a consistent premium product all year round.  Center cut loins are IVP and individually bubble wrapped to insure product is not compromised during transportation.  Our single frozen IVP CO-Treated steaks are the best in the market and provide a great center of the plate product for all of our restaurant and consumer applications.

Steaks IVP

IVP Tuna Steaks – Available in 6oz and 8oz In Stock Now!


Center Cut Loins IVP

Sashimi Grade 5-8 Lb IVP Loins In Stock Now!